Our Brand ” The Belgian Choclatique” offers a chocolate for every mood, occasion or brand.  Specializing in corporate gifting and function favours, we have a wide selection of handmade chocolates…

All of our chocolates, truffles & bars are made daily in our retail shop situated in Walvis Bay, using only the freshest & highest quality ingredients available & we pride ourselves on creating layers of flavor, both sweet & savory. We invite you to try new & exciting combinations or classic flavors.

The chocolate we use is from Belgium and is a high quality Belgian chocolate that consists only of cocoa, sugar and milk solids. No substitutes or additives are used in the chocolate in place of the cocoa butter and this gives the chocolate a creamy mellow flavour, a shiny appearance and a mind-blowing sensation!

We have been producing more than 90 chocolate varieties of luxury chocolates here since December 2013 – an unrivaled range from which to choose your own special selections!

If you can make the journey, our Chocolate Factory Shop  is on 94 Theo Ben Gurirab Street, Grobbelaar Building in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

We look forward to welcoming you!