By now most people are comfortable with the term branding and the importance of it for any company or occasion. Branding promotes recognition and your brand of your company or occasion is the way your customer or guests perceive you.

Because of popularity and demand, what better way to get your brand out there than having it on a chocolate? The Belgian Choclatique offers a massive range of branded chocolates from label branding to actual printing on chocolates.

Mini Slabs
Custom Sticker Branding
Available in white, dark and milk chocolate
Medium Slabs
Custom Slab Cover Branding
Available in white, dark and milk chocolate
Footprint Slabs
Branded Strip
Available in plain, coconut, pecan and peppermint
Small Printed Chocolate
Add your choice of filling
Available plain or in little gold packaging
Business Cards
Chocolate Printed Business Cards
Available in white top & milk/dark bottom
Mini slabs with sticker  35 x 30mm N$ 2.50
Medium slabs with cover  110 x 45mm N$ 15.00
Footprint slabs with cover  150 x 55mm N$45.00
Small Printed Chocolate – with chosen filling & packaged in gold box  35 x 30mm N$20.00
Business Card packaged in cellophane & ribbon  80 x 51mm N$20.00
• A standard N$ 250 once-off setup fee shall be added to all printed chocolates in order to incorporate client’s logo/design into our programme.
• All artwork provided for your branded chocolates should be in a high resolution JPEG file (No bigger than 2MB). No other format shall be expected.
• All artwork must be in the correct size or dimension, we shall not be held liable for wrong cropped prints.
• Should you need additional designing done, an additional N$ 100 per design shall be added.